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MushiRiver -Aquatic Insect Search Game

Different rivers have different water quality, and different benthic invertebrates live in them. These invertebrates are commonly known as "Kawa Mushi" in Japanese. Kawa means river, and Mushi means insect. The river insects in MushiRiver are displayed as 3D models with family-level characteristics, rather than species-level accuracy. This taxonomic representation is in accordance with the average score method. Average score is a water quality assessment method that uses river insects to determine water quality by identifying river insects by family. By displaying the data at the family level, MushiRiver can also be used in multiple countries.

Video of exploring underwater of a "clean river" with MushiRiver. Once you find a river insect, a flag will mark its place.

MushiRiver currently only works on Windows PCs; it does not work on Mac computers, tablets, or smartphones. . To get the MushiRiver program, download the zip file from the link below. It doesn't matter where you put the file. Once downloaded just take the folder of the same name in the Zip folder "MushiRiver2018_PC_Build_11_22_2019" to your desktop. Then run the "Sim River 2018.exe" SimRiver 2018 configulation window will appear. Then click "Play!" to display the MushiRiver start screen. In the SimRiver 2018 configulation window, you can select the best display size for your computer screen from screen resolution.

Move through MushiRiver using the mouse and arrow keys. Use the mouse to decide which direction to go, and use the arrow keys to move back and forth, left and right. Right-clicking locks the screen in place, so you can easily move the cursor to the species information icon or the overhead map that shows your location. Normally, the cursor is designed as an eye, but when the screen is fixed by right-clicking, it changes to an arrow. Right-clicking again will return the cursor to an eye cursor that can be moved underwater.
When you zoom in on the overhead map and click where you want to go, a navigation marker will appear underwater. You can also click on a hint to see a design image of where the river insect lives.
. When you find a river insect, a flag will appear at the location and the white silhouette at the top of the screen will be colored. The number of river insects is limited to the number of white silhouettes.
. By moving the movement speed slide, you can move faster.

Depending on the monitor you are using, the Quit button for MusiRiver may not appear. If this is the case, press Ctrl+Alt+Del at the same time to open the Task Manager, and select "SimRiver 2018.exe" from there to close it. You can also work around this problem by checking the "Windowed" box in the SimRiver 2018 configulation window the next time you use it.

. *Please note that the download file is zipped and may not be downloaded in high security environments.

Download of MushiRiver (MushiRiver2018_PC_Build_11_22_2019.zip 220KB)

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