How to use Gakugei e-Learning content

1. Please select a content that you want to use from the Gakugei e-learning content menu at the left of HOME page. Then, click on the name of the content.


2. The login page of WebClass will be automatically opened. Please select "English" from the language menu at the top of the page. Then, enter your user ID and password to log into the WebClass system.


3. A message "XXX is not registered as a member of this course. Only members can view the content of this course. Do you want to register to be a member?" will be shown. Please click on the "Join this course" button.


4. Now you can use the e-learning content. Please click on the name of the textbook that you would like to use in the textbook menu to start learning. Enjoy the learning!

Notice: Do not send any message to the course manager.

5. If you would like to stop the learning, please click on the "Bookmark" or "Close textbook" button. Be sure to logout the WebClass system before closing the window.


6. If you finish the learning, please click on "Resign from this course" (shown in the lower right of the picture in No. 4) to resign the course member of the course.


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