This page explains the e-learning services available to students, professors, and staff of Tokyo Gakugei university (ID and password for Gakugei network are necessary to use).

Gakugei e-learning content

E-learning contents for self-study.
Here we introduce the English content for foreign students.

How to use

English contents

Self-Study Materials of Daily Kanji Characters
You can study kanji characters used in daily life with a variety of photos of the kanji (pronouciation audible) and quizes. English, Myanmarese, Portugese versions are available.

Play the Shakuhachi; Introduction to Japanese Music
You can study how to play the Shakuhachi; a Japanese traditional musical instrument, by watching videos of the performance by Prof. Kensho Takeshi (Now Japanese version only. English version will be soon available).

Information Ethics 2009 English Edition
To prevent yourself being involved in a crime or causing trouble to others online, in this e-Learning course, you learn about the basic rules to follow and acquire knowledge of the networks you will be using. This course takes about 3 hours.




WebClass is a web-based learning system used in classes (learning management system; LMS). Students can receive online materials for preparation of their lessons and take quizes via online.

WebClass login page

Click to login the WebClass:
Please select "English" from the language menu.


Contact info

Inquiries concering the e-learning service may be sent to Jouhou kiban section(Information Mentenance Division) in Tokyo Gakugei univeristy.




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