Self-Study Materials of Daily Kanji Characters

Expected Level of Users
No Japanese knowledge ~ Intermediate level Japanese learners
Aim of the Materials:
Since the content and the time of Kanji lessons are limited in some sense, it will be useful to have a self-study computer database of Kanji characters so that learners can study or review Kanji anytime and anywhere. Besides the Kanji used in academic fields, those used in daily life are very important and useful to elementary level as well as intermediate level of Japanese learners.
Content of the Materials:
The materials consist of 10 chapters on the following topics: station, campus, International Affairs Office, dining hall, co-op shop, library, Student Health and Counseling Center, dormitory, bank, and computer. Most of the chapters are related to the university campus. There are quizzes for each chapter to review the Kanji that were learned.
How to Use the Materials:
First, select the chapter and then click the Kanji in the photo for a close-up image. (Some Kanji characters do not have close-up images.)
Click the Kanji once again for its explanation. You can hear its pronunciation by clicking the mark on the explanation page.
There are five quizzes for each chapter. Select the correct answer to the question. The correct answer as well as its explanation will be shown if you answer correctly.
※The system is available at the following browsers.
Firefox (latest version) / Google Chrome (latest version) / Internet Explorer 11 / Edge / Safari 9
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Materials Preparations made by:
Harling HUI
Hiroko YABE