Implementation Organization

Research Organization

Form the following three working groups (RGs) centered on multiple researchers, and considering the participation of graduate students. Have the three RGs hold joint research meetings, conduct joint research, and hold a general meeting (including an international symposium) once per year.

● General Teachers RG

Arrange a framework to examine the positioning and forms of colleges and graduate school master’s courses as universities of education from an international perspective.

● Educational Leaderships RG

Arrange a framework setting perspectives and standards to evaluate graduate schools of education from an international perspective.

● Teacher Educators RG

Arrange a framework setting perspectives and standards to evaluate the United Graduate Schools of Education established at universities of education from an international perspective.

Preparatory Meeting for International Collaborative Reserch Project on Quality Assurance in University-Based Teacher Education in East Asia
International Research Conference for International Collaborative Research Project on Comparative Study on Current Conditions and Perspective of Program Designs and Quality Assurance System for University-based Teacher Education in East Asia

Administration Organization

● Secretariat Organization

A Secretariat that will primarily engage in these operations will be established within the Tokyo Gakugei University Office of Promoting International Strategies, correspond and coordinate with the concerned domestic and overseas universities, disseminate information, and coordinate graduate school student exchange programs.

● International Executive Committee

The International Executive Committee for the International Consortium for Universities of Education in East Asia shall advance deliberations regarding the necessary management of operations.

Domestic and overseas member universities of the International Consortium for Teacher Education in East Asia which participate in this project will form administrative ties with Tokyo Gakugei University and manage this project.

Affiliated Universities

(As of november, 2018)
  • Hokkaido University of Education, 
  • Miyagi University of Education,  
  • Saitama University, 
  • Chiba University, 
  • Yokohama National University, 
  • Joetsu University of Education, 
  • Aichi University of Education, 
  • Kyoto University of Education, 
  • Osaka Kyoiku University, 
  • Nara University of Education, 
  • Hiroshima University,  
  • Naruto University of Education, 
  • Ehime University, 
  • Tokyo Gakugei University
  • Beijing Normal University, 
  • East China Normal University, 
  • Northeast Normal University, 
  • Central China Normal University, 
  • Shaanxi Normal University, 
  • Shanghai Normal University, 
  • Nanjing Normal University, 
  • Hunan Normal University, 
  • Shanxi Normal University, 
  • Guangxi Normal University, 
  • Southwest University, 
  • The Education University of Hong Kong, 
  • National Taiwan Normal University, 
  • National Taichung University
  • Seoul National University of Education, 
  • Kongju National University, 
  • Gongju National University of Education, 
  • Gyeongin National University of Education, 
  • University of Seoul, 
  • Jeju National University, 
  • Gwangju National University of Education, 
  • Korea National University of Education, 
  • Cheongju National University of Education, 
  • Jeonju National University of Education, 
  • Chinju National University of Education, 
  • Chuncheon National University of Education, 
  • Busan National University of Education, 
  • Chonnam National University of Education,
  • Daegu National University,
  • Chungbuk National University ,
  • Kyungpook National University,
  • Sunchon National University
Mongolian National University of Education

Osaka Kyoiku University,
Tokyo Gakugei University,
Beijing Normal University,
East China Normal University,
Seoul National University of Education,
Kongju National University