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(Note that the following contents may change. For details, refer to the distributed application requirements.)

1.Application Outline

(1) Foreign research students conduct research on specific topics in their specialty, under the direction of an academic advisor.

(2) The enrollment period for foreign research students is one year or half a year.

(3) Foreign research students can audit classes with the permission of their academic advisor and the teacher in charge of the class. They cannot, however, acquire credits.

(4) The expenses required for experiments and practice by foreign research students will be borne by the foreign research students.

(5) Foreign research students must submit a research report to the President through their academic advisor at the end of their enrollment period.

(6) It is desirable that foreign research students have the Japanese language ability to pass Level 1 (N1) of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test administered by Japan Educational Exchanges and Services or to receive a score of 240 or higher on the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students administered by the Japan Student Services Organization.

(7) The examination fees, admissions fees, and tuition for foreign research students are as follows.

(A) Examination fee ¥9,800
(B) Admissions fee ¥84,600
(C) Tuition ¥29,700 (per month)
*The above amounts may be revised

(8) Foreign research students who are late in paying tuition and still fail to render payment after receiving requests for payment will be expelled.

(9) Foreign research students who desire to continue their research may, under the direction of their academic advisor, request to extend their enrollment period by up to one year.

2.Application Requirements

Applicants who satisfy one of the requirements under the following categories

[Foreign Undergraduate Research Students]

(1) Individuals who have received or will receive a bachelor's degree.

(2) Individuals recognized as equivalent to individuals who have received a bachelor's degree.

[Foreign Graduate School Research Students]

(1) Individuals who have received or will receive a master's degree.

(2) Individuals recognized as having academic abilities equivalent or above those of individuals who have received a master's degree, as stipulated in the proviso to Article 102, paragraph 1 of the School Education Act (Act No. 26 of 1947).

3.Application Form Distribution Period

For Apr. admissions: Late September

For Oct. admissions: Early April

4.Applications Receipt Period

For Apr. admissions: Mid- November

For Oct. admissions: Early-June

5.Application Form Request Method

Forms are available at the university or by mailing a self-addressed size 2 return envelope with the ¥205 postage to International Student Office, at the following address with "Attn: Request for Foreign Research Student Application Form" marked in red. Application forms are only mailed within Japan.

International Student Office
Tokyo Gakugei University
4-1-1 Nukuikitamachi
Koganei City, Tokyo 184-8501
Tel. +81-42-329-7763

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