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Faculty of Education

School Education Course

The School Education Course is divided into four classifications: A) Elementary School Education B) Secondary School Education C) Special Needs Education D) School Health Care and Education
 These programs train students to become professional teachers in one of four specialisms of their choice. Upon completion of the course, students receive a teaching qualification for a specific department and subject. This course is suitable for those who plan to work as schoolteachers in the future.


Education Specialist Course

The Education Specialist Course provides a training program for those who intend to become school support staff members. School supporters work in cooperation with schoolteachers and the local government. This course also provides training for those who wish to become curators or educational staff members at museums, theaters or libraries, and for those who wish to help solve educational problems worldwide.


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Graduate School of Education

The purpose of Tokyo Gakugei University's Graduate School of Education is to cultivate the outstanding practical classroom skills or research ability necessary for students to become highly skilled professionals in the education field or leading educational researchers.
Students pursue these goals through educational and research activities underpinned by a humanist and scientific mindset, building on the liberal arts and specialist education acquired in undergraduate programs.

The Graduate School of Education is made up of (i) the Professional Degree Program of the Graduate School of Teacher Education, which offers one major (Advanced Studies on Transforming Educational Practice ), comprising five programs and 17 subprograms, and (ii) the Master's Course, offering two majors (Next -Generation Japanese Education System Research and Development, and Cooperation and Practice Development for Educational Specialists), comprising three programs each .

Graduate School of Education (Master's Course)

The objective of the Graduate School of Education Master's Course is to focus on cutting-edge themes that will be indispensable for society from now on, and to reappraise their content from an educational perspective. Such themes include globalism, educational AI (artificial intelligence), clinical psychology, and educational cooperation, all of which are needed to guide the education of the next generation. At the same time, the graduate school aims to cultivate educators and researchers who combine expertise in those themes with mastery of a comprehensive range of new skills.


Graduate School of Teacher Education (Professional Degree Program)

The objective of the Major in Advanced Studies on Transforming Educational Practice is to train teachers who can serve as "school leaders" for educational activities in schools and local communities. Such teachers should demonstrate advanced practical teaching skills and be able to cooperate with faculty members, parents or guardians, local residents, and experts to solve problems during the teaching of curricula and during initiatives to address present-day educational challenges.


The United Graduate School of Education (Doctoral Course)

The mission of the United Graduate School of Education is to make a contribution toward the systematic advancement of the interdisciplinary sciences in the field of education. The main focuses are on the curriculum and on the processes of teaching and learning at all age levels and in a variety of educational settings. The Graduate School provides students with the professional training programs useful in educational colleges or universities.

Our program involves four universities in Tokyo metropolitan area: Tokyo Gakugei, Saitama, Chiba, Yokohama National. TGU plays the administrative role in the program, which is composed of independent courses.

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