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SimRiver is a simulation software package developed by Dr. Shigeki Mayama of Tokyo Gakugei University and his coworkers. Users can study and understand the relationship between human activity, river environments and diatoms easily.

Choose an appropriate web site:
» new! SimRiver 5 (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
» new!SimRiver 5 (Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan)
» new! SimRiver 5 (Waterside, Japan)
» new!SimRiver 5 (St. Cloud State University, USA)
» new!SimRiver 5 (Gubbi Labs, India)

» SimRiver 4.5 (St. Cloud State University, USA)

» SimRiver 5 (73MB, zip) 01/06/2012
» SimRiver 4.5 (105MB, zip) 10/12/2009

Worksheet useful for planning environments and recording the results before and after the simulation using SimRiver.
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