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Setagaya Area

Setagaya Elementary School

We celebrate the 140th anniversary this year. Our educational principles are: to help children become more independent and cooperative and to encourage them to enlighten each other. So our motto is "Feel a lot, think a lot, and be friends with everyone."

Setagaya Junior High School

Within a liberal environment the school seeks to achieve its three aims: "build up a unique character rich in humanity", "foster creative human beings" and "help children develop a spirit of deep love and respect". Ones' junior high school days are the most important and impressionable in ones' life; and it is during these times that we strive together, with the students, to create a school that is full of energy.

Setagaya High School

Tokyo Gakugei University Senior High School teaches students to build a democratic nation with a sound culture, as well as to contribute to world peace and the welfare of humankind, both of which are considered national ideals.

Our school program offers various liberal arts subjects and emphasizes a thorough understanding of the basics through both classroom and off-campus learning, all designed for academic and cultural enrichment of the students.

Koganei Area

Koganei Kindergarten

Embracing the importance of self actualization of each and every child as our philosophy we promote children to work, play and learn in collaboration with others. Taking advantage of our rich play and learning environment within the beautiful TGU campus, we are able to offer children with opportunities for various sorts of hands-on activities in cooperation with TGU faculty stuffs, students, parents, and neighbors.

Koganei Elementary School

The history of this school began in Meiji 44 (1911) with the opening of its original elementary school attached to the Toshima Normal College established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. We have been focusing on cultivating children's intellectual motivation. Our educational principle is to help children not only discover a joy of learning but also grow into individuals who are strong-willed but thoughtful of others. Since we are situated within the TGU campus, children have opportunities to enjoy themselves with TGU students in various scenes of school life.

Koganei Junior High School

Our students are encouraged to be self-motivated. After being renovated with artificial turf, the school ground became available to more effective uses by students as well as the members of U-15, FC Tokyo (J-League). In cooperation with TGU, we conduct educational research and receive a large number of visitors from both within and without the country.

Oizumi Area

Oizumi Elementary School

Our school became the first elementary school to offer classes for those who've returned from overseas. We've carried out research on the education for the returnees and the education of international understanding. We attach great importance to learn from experience. Also, we think it's very important for the children to participate in school events in "Seikatsu-dan." "Seikatsu-dan" are groups which we divide all the students from 1st to 6th grade vertically. We aim to educate the ability to communicate with others, the desire to be independent, the consideration for others, the hard-working will, and the heart to respect others. Also, we want to cultivate their tolerance and ability to live with individual growth in the community.

International Secondary School

Newly established in 2007, the school offers a six-year secondary education program that helps students to enjoy compassionate relationship with people of various backgrounds and become capable, active adults and take global responsibility in the international society. Students can experience a new subject area "Global Liberal Studies," take innovative classes in science and math, select English immersion classes, and get support in Japanese language.

Takehaya Area

Takehaya Kindergarten

We design our program so as to encourage and help children to express their individuality in everyday life. For this purpose, we arrange for children to meet with other children of different age such as other kindergartners, Takehaya Elementary School and Junior High School students and ask parents actively to take part in various activities. In cooperation with affiliated schools in the Takehaya area and Koganei Kindergarten, we conduct educational research for the development of early childhood education.

Takehaya Elementary School

We celebrate the 115th anniversary this year. With the leading idea "Makoto," which means honesty, goodness, and respect in English, we respect each child's thought, feeling, and will. We give students guidance by means of day-to-day instructions and various events such as school festivals and field activities. We take part in co-research on "education to foster children's independence through collaboration among kindergarten, elementary school and junior high school."

Takehaya Junior High School

Free and liberated atmosphere of our school is an ideal place for students to cultivate their individuality and spontaneity. We devote our educational efforts to helping students express themselves in action and thought. We take each and every school activity as a very important part of school life, that is, activities such as everyday classes, school events, after-school club activities, and student councli activities. We hope that students grow into respectable individuals by actively taking part in school life. We take part in co-research on "education to foster children's independence through collaboration among kindergarten, elementary school and junior high school."

Higashikurume Area

School for Children with Intellectual Disabilities

Our program serves for children and young adults with special needs in kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school and high school. Our program also extends the service for the graduates of our school through an organization called "Wakatakekai". The wooden structured school building creates warm and comfortable atmosphere for the students to enhance their learning. In collaboration with welfare, labor and medical fields, we aim to be a central resource for life-long supports for those individuals with special needs.

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